Mexican Fish Tacos w ALL the sides (salsa & coleslaw)

Should I say Arriba… is that too much?? Nahhhh… ARRIBA, ARRIBA, ITS TACO TIME! Grab some soft shell tacos, I couldn’t find any so I used the bigger ones normally reserved for burritos then chopped them in half and made some … Continue reading

Moroccan Spiced Roasted Vegetable and Quinoa Salad

I truly think the best thing about vegetarian cooking is the herbs and spices, something needs to account for all that flavour! Usually the depth and saltiness you get from meat cannot be replaced, ask any avid meat eater, but I … Continue reading

Slow Cooked Tender Spring Lamb Shanks Braised with Irish Whiskey Served with Colcannon

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Hi diddly ho it’s St Patricks Day which also happens to be spring here in the UK and what better way to celebrate than combining the two and having some new spring lamb with Irish whiskey sauce. There’s a bit … Continue reading