Ricotta hot cakes w/ seasonal poached stone fruit and almonds (sugar free + GF)

Shrove Tuesday celebrated its 66th year this year! Pancake day bring’s back so many memories from primary school (ohh the nostalgia…), waiting in line all lunch time just to get you 1 ‘perfect’ pancake, doused in lemon juice & sugar…or … Continue reading

Mushroom Pate/ Best Ever Brunch Mushrooms (vegan)

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I make these breakfast/ brunch  mushrooms on a weekly basis and they NEVER fail to impress. They’re great on their own but if you have a penchant for truffle oil you can also drizzle them with a little to make … Continue reading

Pancake Tuesday! Savoury pancakes with Smoked Salmon and Capers

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I’ve always loved Shrove Tuesday! Memories of long playground lunches lining up for my 3rd round of pancakes and honey. I usually follow my sweet tooth in these cases (ricotta pancakes with mountains of berry compote and double cream…heaven!), however for … Continue reading