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For as long as we’ve known food has always been a comfort to us, something we could make for someone else to show our appreciation, to make them feel loved, comforted or happy. It’s our creative way of expressing how we feel; whether it be gratitude or just pure joy. Through this blog we’re going to attempt to give a little piece of ourselves and convey those feelings towards you, the readers and eaters, to give you a way to find that special way into someone’s heart that matters… through their stomach.

We don’t believe in diets or fads just healthy eating, a balanced lifestyle and the age-old idea in its purest of forms that ‘you only get out what you put in’. Where possible we always use locally sourced produce because we have a passion both quality ingredients and sustainability.

Tempted to find out a little more? Go on, keep reading:

We are Melodie & Georgia, two girls at either ends of our twenties who share a passion for food and all things edible and drinkable. Six months ago we met for the first time by chance through a mutual friend and after a bottle of wine (or maybe two) we came up with the ‘crazy idea’ to follow our life long dream of cooking by starting a blog together.

This has not been as simple as it first sounds, besides our already respective busy lifestyles of working in and studying civil engineering we also happen to be in different time zones! Georgia studies and lives in Melbourne, Australia and Melodie works and lives in Hackney, London, her day is my night and vice versa which can make collaboration hard.

Over the passing months, as our skill has grown, so too has the dream, it’s become bigger and seems more, and more achievable. We now plan to travel to Italy during the height of the European summer to eat, drink and cook our way from one end to the other, filming the whole thing, and, with a little of your help, we might just be able to do it. Through the magic of the internet and with the support of our lovely friends we’ve managed to make some contacts in Italy and are working hard every day to make more and more widening our options of places to travel and film.

The plan is to drive a big-ass motor home from ‘sunny’ London across the border through France and Switzerland (sadly mostly bypassing them this time round) into the top of Italy where we will then work our way down from the top of the boot to the tip of the toe*. We’re hoping to visit the various country sides, different restaurants and farms, and finally (and possibly the source of all the hilarity) explore the nightlife in each of the areas. You’ll see us staying with locals, trying to recreate their favourite family recipes and regional specialties and there will probably be some botched ones along the way. We’re going to attempt to hide some cameras around the van so you can see us at our best and worst… (or worst and worst) catching the moments when we think nobody is looking and maybe even a few drunken stumbles after too much local wine or Limoncello. We don’t pretend to be trained chefs, we’re just two normal girls following our stomachs hoping that you’ll enjoy watching us do it and that it might give you a little inspiration too, or if not inspiration at least a few laughs.

We want to translate the local passion for food and life and make it our own… we want to inspire our viewers to engage with the local food in Italy but ultimately with what’s on their doorstep in their own countries and start a new generation of young, inspired, socially aware cooks that realise at the very core of things that life is for living, that everything can be made better with a little love or nonsense and that there are adventures to be had everywhere.

Watch out for our kickstarter link (a public funding platform/ giving page) where you can help financially support our epic Italian journey and win culinary prizes.

Hugs & Nonsense,

Georgia & Melodie


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