Pork Sausage Rolls with Sage, Apple & Mustard

Hands up if you like your bacon… Well Farm to Face have signed the pig pledge; we’ve vowed to only use and eat meat from real farms not animal factories because healthy animals means full flavoured healthy meat! Better bacon for everyone!

We’re cheering you on (pom poms and all) to get involved and sign the pledge and support high welfare farmers that don’t threaten the environment and our health or abuse animals.

In honour of this amazing pledge and the great work our friends at Farms not Factories do we’ve made a humble sausage roll with locally sourced organic pork mince from our friends at Hill & Szrok. Humble it might be by name but in taste… Let’s just say your taste buds will think they’ve won the pork jackpot (and quite frank[furter]ly, they have).
You will need:

8 quality pork sausages

2 heaped teaspoons of mustard (your fav kind or whatever is in the fridge)

2 grated apples

Optional: 1 small fennel bulb

1 brown onion

8 sage leaves

2 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

2 rolls of puffed pastry

Chia seeds/ fennel seeds/ cumin seeds or sesame seeds for the top of your sausage rolls.


To prepare the sausages we found out a helpful trick from our friends at Hill & Szrok– put the sausages in a bowl or pan of hot to the touch water (not boiling) and leave to sit for a minute maximum. Then the skins should just peel off. Easy peasy! No more messy squeezing required.

Preheat your oven to 180.
Once you’ve got your bowl of sausage mince you can…

Finely dice your onions and add to the bowl

Peel your apples and grate the flesh into your bowl

Finely chop your sage and add to the bowl

Dollop in your fav mustard, a pinch of salt and pepper, one good egg and you’re done with the mix.

(If you’re adding fennel I shaved it then chopped it finely before adding.)

Now obviously you can’t taste the raw mince because yuk (and it’s probably not very good for you even if the sausages are good quality) BUT if you’re not sure on the taste and you want to have a sneaky test then you can roll a little into a small meat ball and put in a little light oil in a frying pan note that if you use olive oil or any strong tasting oil it can slightly change the flavour, I recommend rape seed oil.

When you’re happy with the flavour lay out your puff pastry.
Essentially what you’re going to do is make two very long sausage rolls that we’ll later cut into smaller ones. Don’t be tempted to overfill them as they will burst open in the oven.
With this in mind make a line of the mince along the left side length (the long side), enough so you can still fold the short edge over and pinch the pastry together.
Do just that. Take the short edge and fold it over your mince, cut down the middle and start pinching the edges together forming a roll.

Whisk you remaining egg and paint some all over the top of your roll (this is called an egg wash and helps them go golden brown and shiny). Finally, sprinkle with your choice of herb or seed. Now all that’s left to do is cut the sausage rolls down to your desired length.

You’ll do this until all the pastry and mix are gone. If you have extra the mix keeps in the freezer, I find its best to fill your freezer bag and flatten it so it’s a thin package that way it defrosts easier.

Put in a 180 degree oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown.


I’d recommend checking out the pig pledge, you don’t have to go meat free just make sure you care and ask where your meat comes from because after all -If you’re going to eat meat think: healthy animals = healthy food… Any animal mistreated is essentially going to mistreat your body. Take the pledge to make animal factories a thing of the past. At the end of the day you might save a penny on cheap meat but chances are: if the meat is super cheap then it’s not the best quality; unless of course, your butcher fancies you… and if he looks like Tom Hardy as a baker, go for it!

Tom Hardy Baker

We hope you enjoy this recipe and if you want to see what we really look like check us out on YouTube (and SHARE SHARE SHARE) you can see footage of us and watch us turn this blog into a tv series in Italy by following us on Facebook (farm2face), twitter (farmtoface1) and Instagram (farmtoface) you can see all the behind the scenes stuff soon too!  🙂

Hugs & Nonsense



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