Box Grove Vineyard: Ginger & Rose poached pears

The Melbourne Food and Wine festival is the birth place of amazing events that spread across Victoria every March, each year there is a theme promoted by events to bring every producer, venue, chef and connoisseur together for the 3 week festival. This year, the theme was ‘Teach them something’ and for Sarah, of Box Grove Vineyard in Tabilk, that something was COMPOSTING. Personally I am all about passing on information, clearly, and when it comes to closing-the-loop on food wastage, I stop and take stock. I now consider myself an expert…of sorts, all thanks to Sarah’s examples and a bit of know-how from Andy at The Little Veggie Patch Co. It was a great event and one that defiantly inspired everyone who came!

Quick Fact before we move on: 38% of total rubbish in household garbage bins can be composted/transformed. That’d be over a third less ‘waste’ going into our landfills from our house. Source


The day was half spent dining in style within the Vineyard cellar door, the wines were flowing and each dish was beautifully matched with the wines made on the property. Elegant sparkling wines, deliciously crisp whites and a banging Rose full of summer sun. The Rose was so delicious I brought some home alongside a bag full of Box Grove pears straight from the orchard and a few pomegranates. I can’t thank Sarah enough for her hospitality and for creating a space for eager like-minded people to get their hands dirty! Literally.

This recipe is as simple as combining what is at hand and what you love eating, to create a delicious meal out of foraged ingredients is a real delight and I hope one day to repay the favour…I had better get composting for spring.


Poached ginger & Box Grove Rose pears 

5 pears, peeled and core’s removed, with tops still attached

2 cups Box Grove Rose

2 cm knob of ginger, sliced

seeds of 1 pomegranate

1 1/2 cups caster or white sugar

baking paper

Now you simply…

1. In a heavy based sauce pan put your wine, sugar and 2 cups of water. Heat to a simmer or until the sugar dissolves.

2. Place your pears into the sauce pan, you may need to peel a flat bottom onto the pears so that they will stand up in the liquid.

2. Over this add your sliced ginger and pomegranate seeds, adding enough water for the flesh of the pear to be submerged in water.

4. With your baking paper, cut a circle the size of the pan and make slits that will allow the woody tops of the pears to sit out of the water while keeping the flesh fully submerged, this way the pears will stand up and stay relatively still whilst cooking. Plus the ends act as handles…and they’re cute.

5. Heat syrup to a simmer, and maintain a slow bubble for 15 – 30min depending on how much time permits. For me I like to simmer very slowly for longer, but essentially you will get the same result simmering for less time.

6. Remove the pears carefully from the liquid once cooked to your liking. Sieve the seeds and ginger from the syrup and reduce by half to make a thick syrup.

7. Either serve pears hot with some syrup and good vanilla ice-cream or, as I have, let the pears cool in the syrup and store in the fridge until the prosecco is cold and your ready to prepare a cheese board.

F.Y.I – Marriage made in heaven = pears + walnut + blue cheese!

What is inspiring your kitchen at the moment? Is it the change in season’s or maybe someone’s taught you something new? We’d love to hear from you!! You can connect with us via FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Make sure to #farmtoface or link us in so we don’t miss out. G xox


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