Hellishly Good Hash Browns (move over maccy d’s)

As a kid my dad would say to me “if you’re only problem is money then you have no problems at all”… Turns out he never had advice for first world problems… like taking good photos of food, and this is why what you see looks like what could only be described as hash mountain. It sure was delicious, but should the likes of Jamie Oliver ever stumble upon this blog I think he’d be all like “what are they using iPhones or something” (spoiler alert he would be right, wait, am I even allowed to admit that). I should be a better blogger and buy a proper camera… Or I could just be a better human being and tell you how to make this delicious mess (which I swear looks so much more appetising in real life).

500g potatoes
3 lengths of shallots
3tbs finely chopped parsley
salt and pepper
Vegetable oil for frying

I used the finely grate setting on my food processor, if you can grate them while they’re still hot all that delicious starch helps to bind them naturally.

If you’re cooking things to go with or on top of these delicious wonders then preheat the oven with a pan or tray to 150 degrees celsius to keep them hot.

Peel and chop the potatoes (use manageable chunks, about the size of a small egg).

Boil the potatoes for around 10-15 mins until just the outside is soft.
While you’re waiting chop the parsley and spring onions ready to mix in

Drain on some kitchen towel so they’re dry (they should be sticky, that’s the starches coming out).

Put them in the food processor and grate them finely.

Add the spring onions and parsley and mix well.

Quickly form flattish hash brown shapes (quick because they will lose their stickiness as they cool).

Fry the hash browns in vegetable oil doing either one or two at a time- I used the saucepan lid whilst they were frying so they kind of steamed as well but this isn’t necessary and can cause a lot of spitting oil when the water from the steam hits the pan).

When golden brown on both sides pop them on their hot tray whilst you cook the rest of your amazing snackage or if you’re greedy like me then eat them just as they are (just don’t burn your tongue).

NOM appetite’


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