Pickled Beetroot Tapenade (Vegan, V, GF)

Olive tapenade is my 1st love! (it’s partly due to my addiction to salt but I choose not to acknowledge that) This dip was made for me, really. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work at the time but I just had the craving and some SERIOUSLY amazing kalamata olives in the fringe…straight from the deli.YUM.

This recipe is a great combination of clean flavour’s and is a nice change from the predictable ‘creamy olive dip’…my nemesis. I would serve this with homemade pita chips: simply bake pita breads that have been brushed with olive oil, diced parsley and grated parsley until hard. Then break into mouth sized chips ❤ Serve as trilogy alongside Carrot Hummus and Bean+ Feta dip.

You’ll need:

350g pickled beetroot*
150g walnuts, toasted (use warm, straight from the pan)
1/2 cup of de-seeded olives, kalamata and green (or a variety)
rocket, small handful
parsley, small handful chopped
balsamic vinegar
ground black pepper and a pinch of salt
Cobram Estate extra virgin olive oil

Simple as:

1. In your food processor place beetroot, walnuts, olives, rocket, parsley, pinch of pepper, 2 tbs vinegar and 2tbs of extra virgin olive oil. BLITZ. Adding a fine stream of olive oil until the dip is smoothing out…remember this is a tapenade so a bit of chunk is geewwddd.


2. TASTE TEST. I would recommend some more parsley, depending on your taste, and even a dash more olive oil and balsamic. Unlikely are you to need salt, but hey I won’t be holding you back…go for whatever taste good to you. If your worried that it’s all feeling a bit mashed together (beetroot is a stubborn root vegetable sometimes) or the flavours aren’t marrying (so to speak) I can recommend another 1/4 cup of toasted walnuts or even a spritz of lemon juice.

3. Serve ❤



* pickling beetroot is very simple and there are heaps of easy recipe out there, I do mine by memory (just a splash of vinegar and whatever herbs are handy), but using roasted beetroot will work for this recipe just as well xx

YUM! We love cooking and preparing these recipes for you and hope you enjoy giving them a go yourselves! We have our hand in many pies…food innuendo…so to see us in action check out our YouTube (http://youtu.be/EDRxOPpz5K0) and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!
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Hugs & Nonsense
M & G

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