Super-FOOD puddings! ( GF )

Chia seeds + your favourite flavour combos = breakfast!!

Chia seeds are one of the newest additions to my shopping list and I have been adding them to my green smoothies all year…perfect breakfast! Start the day as you intend to end it – full of goodness 🙂
The idea of making delicious puddings out of chia seeds has been dancing around my mind for weeks, so I trialed different combinations from blueberry + almond + honey TO raspberry + macadamia + mango and a rather ‘interesting’ Mocha pudding….which is a work in progress! 🙂 And there are lots of amazing recipes out their so you can do a bit of research and find a combo that floats your boat…but for myself I’ve fallen in love with there two recipes, which are packed full of flavor and nutrients! Give them a try, these little puddings are supper simple, quick and easy to make…all you need is a blender and I promise you’ll be impressed by how satisfying these are as a great breakfast alternative. Plus Chia seeds are a good source of protein and omega-3’s!
NB: If your thinking…wow these look yum but come on girls I’m an eggs-for-breakfast kinda person, then why not try your own lovely combinations using ingredients like coconut cream, thick creamy yogurt or even liquors?? To make a super-food desert or snack ❤
Banana, Maple and Walnut OR Strawberry and Kiwi
Give it a lick
…we did!!
Chobani yogurt has taken my heart and stomach by storm, a company founded in 2005 out of the simple belief that ‘people have good taste’….their passion? Making great yogurt, the right way! The Result? A truly beautiful product! Chobani yogurt come in an array of insanely tempting flavours all of really high quality,  good value and made locally! (In Dandenong if you’re in Victoria as I am) Next time you are at the local supermarket, look out for them and if you’re in a far off land (aka not Australia) then please look out for locally made yogurt (cheese, cream, butter and milk ) next time you are at the shops…or better still find out, prepare and make the change!
beep beep time to WAKE UP! Strawberry and kiwi pudding….better that a slap in the face! 

Makes for 2 breakfast’s : prep time 5min…MAX

IMG_36771st Blitz:
1 handful of strawberries
2 kiwi, skinned
1/4 large lemon, spritz the juice straight in
1 tbs macca powder*
almond milk, 1 cup
1/2 tub (85g) Chobani strawberry yogurt (or strained greek yogurt)

2nd Stir:
1/4 cup black and/or white chia seeds
– divide the chia seeds into 2 glass’s and stir half the ‘smoothie’ into each glass
3rd Refrigerate: overnight (3 hours will do if your making a snack/desert version)
4th Serve:  The rest of the Chobani strawberry yogurt (or strained greek yogurt) + Sliced fresh strawberries +  kiwi + Lychee’s (fresh or canned) + toasted almonds
**Have some honey at the ready if you’re a bit of a sweet tooth
*Macca can be found at most health food stores
Sail into your day on a coconut cloud!!!! Made of banana’s, maple and walnut’s
Make’s for 2 breakfast’s: prep time 5min…MAX
1st Blitz:
 1 large banana
1/2 can coconut milk
1 tub (170g) Chobani 2% coconut yogurt   (or strained greek yogurt)
Maple syrup, about 2tbs…but to your taste
2nd Stir: divide the chia and coconut between 2 glass’s and stir half the ‘smoothie’ through each.
 1/4 cup black and/or white chia seeds
1/4 cup toasted shredded coconut
3rd Refrigerate: overnight
4th Serve:  Chobani 2% coconut yogurt (or strained greek yogurt) + a sprinkle of cinnamon + sliced banana + walnuts + shredded coconut
**if you don’t have any use for the leftover coconut milk, then make double the smoothie mixture and freeze the extra half portion for another time 🙂 all you’d have to do it defrost before use.

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