Farm to Face TV Series Update


Thanks to our gorgeous Italian translators! What would have done without them?!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you’ve been keeping abreast of our movements and the Italy trip on all our social networks, if you haven’t let us fill you in!

Italy was spectacular! We met some truly inspiring people on our travels who had a lot to share about seasonality, sustainability and of course we got some excellent and well-kept home cooking secrets, we can’t wait for you all to see the series! We made 6 episodes, all in different places with different people including farmers, fishermen and families, we shared in a few local traditions, ate some things we usually wouldn’t and generally had a good time whilst learning a LOT about the care and love that goes into preparing Italian food from the produce right to the plate (or from farm to face!)


Can’t wait till you see what happened here…

Of course there was a lot of hard work involved in making the TV series, more than we thought, and being rookies at all this filming stuff there was a lot we didn’t know… for example there is a lot of ‘the magic of tv’ that goes into preparing things on-screen, one recipe which would usually take 15 mins took us almost 2 hours to make!! We realised that in other cooking shows there might be a lot of waste trying to get the right scene (its easy to burn something whist trying to get a close up) but being waste conscious we’d like to proudly say we didn’t waste a thing! And our crew were well fed! They deserved every mouthful, it’s a lot of hard work carrying a camera on your shoulders and trying to keep it still for 12 hours! Of course through the magic of editing you wont have to see all of that faffing. Which brings us to the edit…


Pretty as a picture… at least one of us is anyway.

Being that this is our first ever series we are pulling in a lot of favours to save us on the budget edit wise. We ended up getting SO much great footage that the edit is proving to be a difficult job and because our skills set is in Civil Engineering both Georgia and I are useless at helping out… leaving another MASSIVE job for our film/ edit team. We don’t know what we’d be doing without them! We’ve all had to return to normal paid work to keep us afloat so the edit is being done in small chunks between paid jobs meaning that it could be some months before we see a final product. At this stage we’d love to be picked up by a channel sooner rather than later but the reality is that since the show was shot in the summer it will most likely not air until next summer… 2015. At which point we hope to be back on the road making as second and even better series for you in another location. In the meantime however we’re working on a few different things, one of them being a trailer for the series which will hopefully be with you before christmas!


Fresh egg pasta with truffles… needs a Microplane to shave some parmesan on that. SO delish.

A BIG BIG thanks to everyone that gave to our kickstarter we came in finishing  just over budget, every single penny went towards what we promised it would: food for the crew, fuel for the two vehicles including our Elddis motorhome, eurotunnel and tolls and accommodation for the crew; with the exception of one lucky person sharing the van with Georgia and I at all times, which was basically a tossed coin… hey we dont even snore either! Fussy boys!


OINK… wild boar!

We hope you enjoy following in our adventures and if you want to see what wereally look like check us out on YouTube (and SHARE SHARE SHARE) you can see footage of us and watch us turn this blog into a tv series in Italy this by following us on Facebook (farm2face), twitter (farmtoface1) and Instagram (farmtoface) PLUS you can see all the behind the scenes stuff too! 🙂

Also a big CONGRATULATIONS to our director, Nick Jones, who has just received his 6th selection in a film festival for his documentary 57 degrees North. Have a little look-see at the kind of talent we have working with us on Farm to Face.


Pometti. Just one of the beautiful locations we were privileged enough to cook at. Just look at that backdrop!

Hugs & Nonsense



A vino to celebrate the end of another 12 hour day (not including travel time!)

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