Under two weeks ago on Saturday 19/7/14 After a gruelling 3 weeks of filming ‘Farm to Face’- the first series throughout Italy our motorhome was maliciously robbed, among most of my possessions that were taken (laptop, iPod, clothes, shoes, jewellery) were some priceless irreplaceable pieces of jewellery but the most important piece was a locket, not of much monetary value as it was only made of silver but sealed inside the locket was my brothers ashes, the late Daniel James Tyrer. As you can imagine I am absolutely heartbroken that this has happened and want more than anything that the locket be returned to my possession, surely even thieves can understand the loss of a loved one and the small token I have to remember him by. 

I have lost my late grandmothers earrings and a necklace she bought me when I was only 9 years old, two beautiful comfort station necklaces given to me in the past year for birthdays and Christmas along with many other gorgeous pieces of jewellery I’ve collected and been given over the years, my entire music collection is gone, my entire movie collection, all my photos of travelling and adventures taken in the past 7 years including the last pictures I have of myself and my late grandmother that were never put on Facebook for obvious reasons, my cousins wedding photos, photos of myself and my family… everything, all gone. Before you ask, I had backed all of these up to a hard drive regularly but the external hard drive was taken along with the laptop.

All of these things in themselves are gut-wrenching to lose but I can come to terms with the fact that they are possessions and that I will take more photos in my lifetime, I will love and collect more music, I will find other films, I can even borrow another pair of my grandmothers earrings from my aunty should I need to but the locket is irreplaceable, my brothers ashes were scattered last year along with my grandmothers, that locket is the only reminder I had left of him, I own no photos, no keepsakes, just the locket, and I’m pleading with anyone and everyone to help me get it back.

 I have started an email account for anyone that might know anything to get in touch with me: if you’ve seen the locket or know the person who took it please urge them to get in touch and return it.

The locket itself is silver, its around 2cm wide and 2.5 cm high, it looks antique as black tarnish has started to form around the crevices, and it’s very heavy for its size due to the internal ashes. The locket is sealed on every edge but still has a visible clasp where it used to open. At the time I lost it, it was on a thick silver chain which had been soldered at the clasp so it never came off, the clasp itself was similar to a ‘lobster claw’ clasp but without the pull back.


We had parked our Elddis motorhome in Rome on ‘Lungotevere in Augusta’ Saturday 19/7/14 between the hours of 11am and 2:30pm when this robbery happened. The thieves broke the window of the motorhome with much force and climbed through into the van, they kicked out the door from inside completely destroying the lock.




  1. This just happened to a woman here in Canada last week – her locket with ashes was stolen. It was heavily publicized thru social media/various news outlets and the thieves actually did return keep your story on social media/try and get a major news outlet to carry the story. I hope you have the same happy outcome.

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