(We Were Robbed!!) A Message Of Thanks For Our Supporters…

Hey Farm to Face family,

Sorry we’ve been a bit MIA since Italy, the Farm to Face camper was maliciously robbed in Rome on our last day of filming!  We are still trying to gather our emotions as a lot of important and sentimental pieces were taken but we’re pleased to say our footage was all saved!! 🙂

We are going to fight valiantly to get back the sentimental items that could never be replaced with any amount of money. We want to share a message with all of you, our Farm to Face Family, know that material items may come and go but true sentiment can be held only in memory and spirit, things that can never be stolen from you! Trinkets will come and go, but nothing can steal your heart.  The pieces and people that mean the most must be kept close and out of harms way, we are triumphant in the fact we have all returned safely.

We would never wish what happened to us upon our worst enemies, it can be hard to be brave in time like these, but  we are so blessed to have had the support of our supporters, the best crew imaginable, friends, and family. We all lost something that day but gained so much love and respect by being there for each other, there is something to be said for camaraderie in the face of desperate times.

We’ll be back on form and ready to share everything with you soon, our new series included! In the meantime we wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all of your patience and support, we’re absolutely uplifted by every little like, add, click, view and comment more than you will ever know and it spurs us on to bring you something great.

Thank you for your love and support.

Sending all our hugs and nonsense your way.

Love M&G


Please feel free to follow our full story and progress so far on:

twitter: farmtoface1

facebook: farm2face

instagram: farmtoface

pinterest: farm2face

youtube: farmtoface


2 thoughts on “(We Were Robbed!!) A Message Of Thanks For Our Supporters…

  1. So sorry to read about the robbery. You are right, trinkets can be replaced but not people. As long as you are all OK – that is what matters. Take care and I hope the rest of your time is safe and with happy times. XOXOXO ❤ ❤ <3.

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