Pea, Courgette and Mint Panzanella


We are trying to think outside the box here and get our friends as involved as possible with our ‘Farm to Face’ series which is being filmed in….4 weeks! So we have added ‘dinner party hostess’ to our schedule, creating amazing 3 course dinners, in different themes to cater for different friendship group’s. Tonight I was inspired to create an all Italian vegetarian feast…Straight to the markets I go, and I found some amazing produce. The highlight to this dish for me is the ohhh sooo delicate ricotta, which I infuse with lemon to make a awesome garnish to my green salad.

This dish is a great example of what happens when you put keen ‘foodie’ minds together! In search for a great starter idea for my italian dinner party last night, I threw a few ideas for a rustic salad around and we ended up with this 🙂 Our version of a simple Panzanella ( which more commonly is served as torn bread with tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil and basil ) has a mix of soft flavour’s and interesting textures to make a really WOW salad, with understated notes of mint, basil and lemon coupled with the grilled croutons and lush greens. #nommy

Ingredients and what how to prep them: 

Peas: frozen is fine, blanched in boiling water, chilled in iced water and drained
Ricotta and Lemon  rind: lightly crumbled together, then packed into a bowl and refrigerated
Courgette: season with S&P and olive oil, grill for about 2 min each side until lightly coloured and soft, chill)
Ciabatta: tear into 3-4cm cubes, douse in olive oil and crushed garlic. Grill until fragrant and golden, to serve hot
Fresh mint and basil: 1 handful per 4 servings, very finely chopped and mixed in with the courgette once cooked


Grill the zucchini with nice ribbons of brown, place on absorbent paper before mixing in with the diced herbs. Once the peas are cooked and chilled, drain them until dry and mix into the herbed courgette’s. You can now use or refrigerate this for later 🙂 Crumble the ricotta with fine lemon zest and a pinch of salt.

To serve, grill the bread to make large crispy croutons, place them on your plates, spoon over your courgette & peas, top with a good chunk of lemon ricotta, a  few fresh basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil 🙂

You may notice I don’t season the salad dressing, this is because I would prefer you seasoned this to taste as your eating it, none of the flavours in this dish are over powering and the beauty is how clean the flavours are…aka too much S&P will totally take away from how goddamn delicious this salad is 🙂

We hope you enjoy this recipe and if you want to see what we really look like check us out on film at our Kickstarter (and SHARE SHARE SHARE) where for a limited time you can see footage of us and help us turn this blog into a tv series. 🙂

Hugs & Nonsense,


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