Kickstarter- Ohhh we’re halfway there, oh, oh, livin on a prayer…

We’ve got a lot of good press lately so we wanted to share it with you guys so you can see how hard we’re working to get Farm to Face off the ground as a TV series through our Kickstarter.

Firstly there’s the photo you see here where our sweet toothed sweetie pie, Georgia, is showing us her best ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ smile. This lovely photo took the limelight front and centre in Melbourne’s mX paper, read by over half a million commuters on a daily basis.

Next there was this scrumptious article, written by Leah from Paper Planes Connect.

Last but certainly not least we got our delightful FIRST mention HERE from Martyn Fisher who writes for the Fresh Produce Journal.

You can also catch us on a weekly basis HERE on the Frame Blog where the healthiest of our recipes end up for all the lovely gym bunnies at Frame Shoreditch or Frame Queens Park.

If you know anyone who blogs or is a bona-fide journalist who might be interested in our story then help us to spread the good word by telling them about us! With only 19 Days left on our kickstarter and just over half funded we’re desperate to get our names out there into the public so we can help make a difference.

Want to help but don’t know anyone in media? Head to our kickstarter and pledge what you can to push us along, every little bit counts.

Don’t have a brass razoo but still want to help support? Do so by following and liking us on our Facebook and following our twitter, blog and instagram and telling other people you think might be interested.

f- farm2face

t- @farmtoface1


i- farmtoface

Hugs & Nonsense



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