This soup is an Italian staple, a simple fuss free dish that is exactly what you need as the days grow colder and shorter. You know you are doing something good for yourself when the kitchen is bubbling over with the smell of fresh stock, full of nutrients and flavour. Making this soup nourishes the body and soul, mainly because it require’s very simple cooking techniques (don’t be shy!) and gives you that ‘cozy’  home cooked feeling that only soup can 🙂

Stock is key: In a previous post where I roasted chicken, I wrote the ‘how to’s’ of making chicken stock, I must make a few amendment’s here. To make exceptional chicken stock:
– pre-roast your bones, adds HUGE flavour!
– slow cooked, for about 2 hours (in an ideal world…no ones perfect! 45min is minimum)
– as the stock cooks, press the bones so the marrow can cook into the stock
– chill the stock (in fridge, or on stove). this way you can then sieve the fat off the top
– If your stock is clear, you know you have done a good job 🙂

Ingredients: to make a single serve (taking care of Numero Uno)

(nb: just multiply the amounts for more servings, and add 1 min to the cook time per serve)

1 egg
300ml chicken stock
1tbs, parmesan
finely chopped parsley
ground nutmeg

Sourdough!!!! And butter, real butter 🙂

Thats Amore’

I made a sneaky video for you all to follow<3

1. Lightly whisk eggs & parmesan until combined
2. Bring stock to a boil in a large saucepan. Remove from heat: gradually add egg mixture, whisking constantly.
3. Return mixture to heat: simmer stirring constantly, about 1 min or until egg mixture forms fine shreds.

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Hugs & Nonsense,


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