Roast fennel and pear salad, with Schnapps dressing (fancy food for the time poor)


Hiya! I made this earthy salad to go alongside my Macadamia and Apricot stuffed Pork chops, and it went down a treat…not bad for throw together salad. This dish is designed to be a side dish, or even as a simple sharing plate for a tapas BBQ. The flavours combine together beautifully and simply, you could team this salad with any kind hearty meat or with roasted sweet potato, beetroot and parsnip, to make a nourishing autumn meal.

Shopping list… (serves 4 as a side dish)

Fennel, 2 bulbs, chopped coarsely
Corella pears, 2 sliced into segments ( the red skin gives a festive touch)
radish’s, 4 sliced into thin disks
fresh rocket leaves, 3 or so cups
pear schnapps, a good splash
white wine vinegar, 1 tbs
olive oil, 2 tbs
parsley, handful chopped


1. Start by preheating your oven to 200’C. Heat a nonstick frypan with a dash of oil and fry off the fennel, on high, until the fennel green start’s to liven in color and brown slightly.

2. Transfer the fennel to a baking dish to roast, for about 15min or until the rest of the ingredients are prepped.
3. In the same pan sear the pear, on high , only long enough for the juices to start to emerge. At this point splash a good helping of pear schnapps straight into the pan and toss through the pears. Set aside to get sticky and fragrant.

4. In a large serving bowl mix the parsley, extra virgin olive oil and vinegar together…taste and season to your liking. Add the rocket, radish, pears and roasted fennel to the bowl and toss through so the dressing is coating everything well. Tada!!!


Simple as that really, the schnapps makes for a really delicate and light sweetness, I love using any kind of liquor when cooking (especially flavoured one’s) as the alcohol cooks down the schnapps become sticky and helps dress the salad. A very simple way to give that “WOW’ factor to any dressing…hint hint xx Enjoy



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