Mushroom Pate/ Best Ever Brunch Mushrooms (vegan)



I make these breakfast/ brunch  mushrooms on a weekly basis and they NEVER fail to impress. They’re great on their own but if you have a penchant for truffle oil you can also drizzle them with a little to make them extra lushhhhhh *drool* in fact, if I had it my way I’d only have breakfasts, it’s defo the best meal of the day, add a poached egg on top and you’re easily in breakfast heaven. Need more? Get breakfast tomatoes on the go at the same time and you’ll wonder why dinner was even created, because BREAKFAST!

The pate’ on the other hand is the perfect accompaniment to any posh picnic and will make you look like a domesetic goddess when you arrive with your very own home made spread… to be really fancy find some glass pots, brown paper and string to tie it with (make sure to put a little cling film on before the brown paper though to avoid leaks).

This recipe will make enough mushrooms for 4 people having brunch or around 2 large tubs of pate (it goes quickly I wouldnt worry about having surplus).

  • 500g mixed mushrooms (button, brown, portabello) roughly chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic
  •  1 tsp dried rosemary (the equivalent if you have fresh)
  •  50g flat leaf parsley
  •  30ml olive oil
  • salt and pepper (around 1/2 tsp each)
  •  30g butter
    •  100g toasted walnuts (pate’ only)
    •  250g cream cheese (pate’ only)

Preheat oven to 180

Roughly chop all the mushrooms, it doesn’t matter what size just so long as they’ll cook at around the same times eg. Bigger mushrooms in smaller pieces, smaller in larger (check out the three sizes in the pics).

Put all the mushrooms, garlic, rosemary, olive oil, salt, pepper and butter into a cake tin, cover with tin foil and put into the oven for 20 mins but shaking every 5 to make sure they cook evenly and don’t stick to the bottom.

If you’re making pate now is the time to toast the walnuts. if you’re making breakfast mushrooms leave the walnuts and cream cheese off the ingredients list and stir through some flat leave parsley when you remove from the oven.

To toast the walnuts you can refer to the vegan pesto recipe. Oven bake for around 4 mins then remove to cool.

After 20 mins remove the tin foil from the mushrooms and make sure they’ve not let out too much juice, if they have leave the tin foil off and return to the oven for an extra few minutes until the juices are reduced to less than ¼ cup (be careful not to dry the mushrooms).

When the musrooms have cooled add them to a food blender with the remainding ingredients (parsley, cream cheese, toasted walnuts).

Give a good pulse in the food processor until there are no unmanageable chunks of mushroom or walnut and taste for seasoning, if no more salt or pepper is needed spoon into whatever container you’d like. Remember that no salt or pepper will be added as this is a pate so you will want to season perfectly.

Refridgerate for around 20 mins until the pate has cooled enough to set a little harder then eat as you wish.

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3 thoughts on “Mushroom Pate/ Best Ever Brunch Mushrooms (vegan)

  1. Yum! Made this tonight to go with crispbread for nibbles. Delicious! My blender wasn’t working too well so had a few lumpy bits but didn’t matter. Plenty left over for sourdough toast in the morning.

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