Nicoise alla’ Georgia

Simple, tasty and healthy…not words everyone would associate with the dreaded ‘meal-for-one’! right? WRONG!!

I find that cooking for myself is always a pleasure because I get to use all the stuff I love, that can be greyarea’s for some…like ANCHOVIES! Love, love, LOVE them; on toast, on ryvita with avocado, in pasta, on pizza, in salad dressing, in frittata’s…my obsession goes on! This recipe couldn’t be easier and its so damn satisfying, so no excuses. Preparing a meal for yourself should be the highlight of your day….go on be selfish TREAT YO’ SELF!

YOU will meed:

5 fresh anchovy fillets (good fish mongers are your best bet)
1 egg, poached
cucumber, 3cm worth , peeled and sliced finely
chickpeas, 1/3 cup
Wild Rocket, 1 large handful
French dressing or any light vinegar based dressing, 1 tbs

My dressing recipe: Make a large bottle of dressing so it’s always there when you need it 🙂

1 part white wine vinegar (good quality-trust me your worth it!)
2 part Olive oil (” ” “)
1 part Dijon mustard (seeded is a nice option, with a drizzle of honey instead of parsley)
2 cloves of garlic (aim for a clove per cup of dressing)
touch of parsley, chopped finely
pinch of cracked pepper and salt to taste

Get to it:

1. In a bowl dress the chickpeas, cucumber and rocket. When all ingredients are nicely covered move to your serving plate, arrange anchovies over the salad and crown with your poached egg. Season with salt and pepper and dig in 🙂
Poaching your egg: This method is so easy you’ll be wondering ‘why didn’t I think of that!’ and hopefully (after a bit of practise) no more egg soup disasters. This method doesn’t require any newfangled equipment, it’s a trick that’s been passed onto me by my mother and to her by my grandmother 🙂 Start by bringing a small pot of water to the boil, reduce the heat to a simmer then add a splash of vinegar (vinegar helps to keep the egg-white from splitting). Get yourself a wooden spoon and use the handle end to create a whirlpool in the simmering water, swirl, swirl, swirl, swirl,swirl away until you can remove the spoon and a little vortex continues to swirl the water in the pot. Then crack your egg directly into the center of the vortex. What to expect: your egg should stay in the middle of the pot, the ‘whites’ will swirl around with the water then return to the yoke once the whirlpool slow’s down, let your egg poach for 2-3min (2min if you like soft-poached like me). Use a slotted spoon to carefully lift the egg out of the simmering water. Make sure to hold tight while all the water drains from the spoon/egg before adding to the salad – classic mistake is ending up with vinegary’ water in your meal! ENJOY 🙂

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