Spaghetti alla Sarde


Simple, easy, nutritious and TASTY cooking for one….as if!!!! I, a) cant be arsed, b) don’t care what I eat if its just good ol’ me I have to impress, c) easier to open a packet and chuck something in the microwave…..I CALL BULLSHIT!

This is a perfect example of fresh-for-one…for me its a perfect weekend lunch option because its so quick and no-fuss (very little washing up!)

Accompanied by a crisp glass on Pinot Gris and its pure indulgence! Simply multiply the recipe for if you feel like sharing???

Spaghetti alla Sarde ; Rainbow pasta!!!!! (serves 1, 15min tops) 

75g dry, wholemeal pasta

5 anchovies

1/4 each of yellow, red, orange & green capsicum, diced

1 long red chilli, diced ( I’m a spice feign, so use as much as you can handle )

1 large clove garlic, diced

olive oil, tbs

Parmesan, good quality finely grated (approx. 20g)

lemon, for spritzing

salt & pepper for seasoning

step 1: Boil a full kettle to get the spaghetti on the-go first thing, boiling the water in a kettle first before adding to the pot will save time…PROMISE. The sauce will take as long to prep/cook as the pasta will take to cook….a bit of a 15min meal moment!!! (PS: salt the water when you put the spaghetti in)

step 2: Finely dice capsicums, garlic & chilli.

step 3: Heat a small saucepan, drizzle enough olive oil to lightly fry the melody of goodies. Keep the capsicum/garlic/chilli mixture moving. By this stage you should have about 5 min of cooking time up your sleeve…perfect!

step 4: Drain spaghetti, put directly into the pot with the sauce, squeeze half a lemon in, add the anchovy’s and grated parmesan and fold all the ingredients together. Season to taste…be cheeky and serve with a bit of extra parmesan and a slight drizzle of good olive oil 😉

If your feeling like a bit O’ something else, I like to accompany this dish with a lightly dressed (balsamic based) rocket salad just for the cleansing bitterness contrast with smooth avocado sprinkled through. Stop it!!! yummmm nomnomnom 

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