Honey Soy & Garlic Chicken

(Chickkity China the) Chinese Chicken (you have a drumstick and your brain starts tickin’)

Before I get started let me just tell you that this is not the kind of dish that you’ll be instagram-ing unless you want people to ask a million times if you’d burnt it… with all that inevitable dark and delicious stickiness all over your fingers and around your mouth though I’d be surprised if you could do anything but lean over to grab another one before someone else did.

This recipe is simple, it was a childhood favourite of mine made by my mum, who isn’t as in love with food as me but when she did cook… oh man did she cook, and we ate, and there was always usually seconds to be had.

My dear old mumma used chicken wings in this when I was a kid but I don’t think they have enough meat on them for all that fussing so I’ve used chicken drumsticks instead… plus they were the same price- so more bird for your buck (or in my case, pound).

The marinade:

150-200ml dark soy sauce
50- 70 ml water
4 tbsp honey
½ teaspoon of Chinese 5 spice
4 cloves of garlic
Just a twist of white or black pepper.

(In my house we have a rule: ‘You can never have too much garlic’ I understand if this rule doesn’t apply to everyone but I feel like for this sauce 4 cloves is a nice balance between lightly delicious and scrumptiously overpowering).

Simply stir everything in the marinade together in the bowl/ dish you want to marinate the chicken in and it should represent the thickness of a normal tomato soup, not super thick and not totally watery.

I used 8 drumsticks for this recipe, you could use more with the same amount of marinade but you would need to turn them as they wouldn’t be covered and you wouldn’t want any of this one sided awesomeness when you could have FULL AWESOMENESS!

Marinate your wings or drumsticks overnight and if you can, make sure to turn them at halfway through the time frame to get both sides super soaked to the bone with all the flavours.

Get ready to BBQ these babies, simply fire it up and put em’ on a low heat to cook through, best would be if you had one of those BBQs with the iron shelf that you could close the hood on so they could kind of roast and smoke and steam away for about 15-20 mins.

You can use a bit of tin foil on the BBQ to let the remaining marinade boil down into a bubbly black sticky sauce which is so delicious you’ll want to dunk everything else into it. You’ll know it’s ready when it resembles the consistency of honey.

If you’d prefer you can cook these in a pre-heated oven and let them kind of stew and bubble in the marinade, this is the original way it was done by my mum and her chicken wings- they take about 30-40 mins on a medium heat (about 150 degrees centigrade).



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