Poisson Pie (that’s fancy for fish)

Poisson Pie (not poison, poisson!)

2 sticks celery
2 carrots
2 fillets smoked cod
2 fillets salmon
250g peeled king prawns
2 fillets of any white fish
1 leek
1 bunch of parsley
zest and juice of one lemon
2 eggs (hardboiled and quartered)
1 cup of frozen peas
pinch of nutmeg
1 raw egg
salt and pepper to taste

For the sauce:
2 tablespoons of butter
600ml of milk
2 tablespoons of cornflour
200g of cheddar cheese
1 handful of parmesan cheese
pinch of salt and pepper
grated cheddar and parmesan for the top of the pie

4 largish potatoes, cooked and mashed if you make this mash first (with a pinch of nutmeg) let it go lukewarm and crack in 1 raw egg and mash through, this will help the mash set and go crispier on top as the egg cooks in the oven.

The Sauce:
Melt the butter and add the cornflour to make a roux (this is best done off the heat so as you don’t end up with one big gloopy lump… yes, technical term).
Slowly but surely add the milk and whisk so as lumps don’t form, when you have a sauce the thickness of cream add the cheese, salt and pepper and keep stirring until just thicker than you would imagine thick gravy to be- this is so it keeps thick when the fish’s juices come out as they cook.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees

Finely slice the leek, quarter and slice the carrots thinly, thinly slice the celery sauté in a small knob of butter with the roughly chopped parsley added right at the end. Add in the juice of one lemon and the zest of half and take off the heat.
Cube all the fish to the same sizes and personally I like to halve the king prawns to make them go a bit further.

Layer the king prawns, fish, sautéed veg (don’t forget the frozen peas), boiled eggs and stir through the white sauce.
Add the mashed potato in lumps to cover the pie- the easiest way I find is to use wet hands to try to spread it across the whole top and right to the edges. Once you have an even layer drag a fork across the top as if you were raking a sandpit, this gives the potato little grooves to go nice and crispy.
Add the parmesan cheese into an even spread across the top and into the corners for those delicious crispy chewy bits.

Considering most of the ingredients are cooked this pie only takes about 40 mins in the oven and the fish should be done by the time the top is a nice golden brown colour.

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